Disability Justice Law Syllabus

Disability Justice does not and cannot exist within the legal system. However, the practices can help us build justice based systems that honors all of us. We offer this document as an invitation to build upon the work of creating more expansive ways of knowing how ableism has shaped the criminal legal system of the United States.

This class was conceptualized with an understanding that theoretical examinations of how the law is created and interacts with society are often prioritized over the lived experience of those impacted and working to create change. Holding that truth, we worked to center the experiences of Disabled people in the material and discussions.

We were fortunate to be joined by Disabled scholars, attorneys and activists, who are working towards liberation. Our hope is that the syllabus can be used inside and outside of classrooms to engage in [un]learning. The material alone is not enough. We encourage critical examination of the material, stories and active commitments to building community.

Note: A Disability Justice Primer written by Patty Berne & the entire collective of Sins Invalid can be found here.

Dustin Gibson